Wednesday, 26 August 2015


(Image above Chloe S/S '15)
So denim ladies never really goes out of fashion does it? It was a big trend for Spring/Summer this year, and it still appears to be hanging around for September/October...on another note, this will be a huge trend for next Autumn/winter 2016/17 so watch out during fashion week in New York, London and elsewhere!
All hail the lady Olivia Palermo, where everyday is a catwalk..damn that girl got style!
Now when I say Denim ladies, I'm talking shirt dresses, midi dresses, playsuits, Skirts and everything else, we all love jeans ..but guess what? there is some other amazing items of clothing made from have a look below..I'll let you it a yay or meh?
Love these dresses, great with flats or pair with opaques and ankle boots, or bare legs (if you're feeling brave) & ankle boots/knee's such a gorgeous day time look and so versatile! For €56 snap it up here or in-stores.
Another fabulous style for €48.39, buy it here. (think its my favourite one in this style)
Love this dress too, available from Littlewoods Ireland for €47, this type of dress is great for any large bust lady and its so flattering it here
Ah Topshop always on trend, this is a good one too the hemline on it great with ankle boots, £40 and its all yours to buy here
Again a great look, a great dress! Stradivarius is all over this denim trend at the moment and have gorgeous dresses, skirts, jumpsuits & boiler suits at the moment this particular dress is available in store and online here for €29.95 its a steal!
Back to  Littlewoods again and I love this relaxed denim tunic, would be perfect to wear in the run up to Autumn you can buy this here for €35.
Yes this dress has got to be my favourite and most certainly will be my next purchase, I love skater styles. This is a perfect casual laid back kind of dress, you can buy it here for €55.30.
Another great tunic, and its got pockets ..(yes I am obsessed with pockets in dresses and skirts, it gives me something to do with my hands, if I'm feeling a bit awkward :-)) Love this one and for €38.72 you can find it here
Again a lovely take on the denim dress, love this knit and denim combo, you can find this here for €48.39
These pinafore dresses are really starting to grow on this one below both from Stadivarius. There is some really great ones on the high street at the moment its so hard to choose!
Love the button down version for €39.95 can go wrong, throw on a sweatshirt if it gets nippy, buy it instore or online here
Love how Denim has been embraced in the midi style dresses, and it gives you an option to wear denim for a night out..
Pair this midi dress with heels and it would be can purchase here for €62.21

Boohoo this bodycon midi denim dress is amazing, €34 buy it here
Adore this shirt dress midi too from Oasis buy it in store or online here for €56.(be warned its flying out the doors!)
Again more options for heading out..or keep it casual...these jumpsuits are great. One above is available here
My ultimate favourite jumpsuit and its available from Boohoo for €41. Purchase here.

Again another alternative's pretty cool, this is available from asos at €62.21 here
Love denim shirts and they are definitely all in at the moment. Pair them with coloured leather mini skirts, fringed skirts or as above with the suede skirts, they're a great all rounder this one €19.95 and available here (along with the skirt).
What a great top above, it can be styled with skirts, leather pants or jeans and would look good, available here for €20.72 or better still try new look as its available for €17.99 here
Love all these button down denim skirts, loads of them around the high-street in different lengths, this one above is from asos here for €27.65
Another cute skirt that's available in Zara for €29.95 here
Okay ladies love it or loathe it, denim is hanging around this season, so go and embrace it. There is something to suit everyone..
Happy Wednesday my lovelies
Pam xx

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

All the pretty skirts

(Adore this zara skirt find it here €49.95)

Skirts. Now who doesn't have a skirt in their wardrobe?? At the moment its all about the midi, having said that the mini has popped its pretty head up, not to mention the longer ankle lengths that are appearing in the Autumn/Winter collections for 2015. Think 70's and 80's styles and you'll be rocking the suede mini, fringing skirts and everything in between. I'm starting to sway and feeling like a traitor towards my beloved midi! Either way Skirts are dominating the A/W collection and I'm loving it!
Everyone loves a good skirt, I seem to be wearing them a lot lately for day and night time have a look at some of the beauties around at the moment, and how their currently being styled!
The tribal mini seen above, looks perfect paired with a denim shirt, find similar here €16 &  here.
Love these Aztec ones, pair this with tights and turtle neck/wool jumper for a more winter look
(Similar Skirt here)
White minis are great with oversized tshirts for that relaxed look, similar here for €28
Lace Midi from Zara €49.95 available here
This zara leather skirt is a great all rounder, it can be dressed up or down as in this pic..all the clothing above is Zara s current collection, find the skirt €69.95 here.
River Island Suede Mini Skirt €89.86 and River island have another similar skirt for €37 here
Love this mini from Zara have any of you girls spotted it? at €14.95 its a bargain..find it here.
Love this misguided skirt for €30.32 find it here
Here's a similar skirt from canella lane here for €21, the above one is designer. There is also a similar skirt here for €35.50 or in a different colour available here
Another beaut, printed skirts aren't going anywhere, this is a super one. Great for winter or a night out find it here, oh and its got pockets...bonus!
Love the stripe skirts, they look beautiful in Summer or Winter, find similar here €39.45 and here.
Love this bonded Prom skirt above from asos, you can buy it here but be warned, the sizes are selling fast.
Scuba midi from Asos available here for €48.39
Adore this dotted skirt from Vanilla boutique, find their details here
Another chicwish skirt beauty, fab for a wedding...find it here for €48.67
Topshop skirt for €60 you can buy it here.
Tulle skirts are still all the rage and you can buy this navy one from Vanilla Boutique..details as above.
Love this Oscar skirt from Folkster, buy this and other similar colours here for €109, contact the store for this navy colour.
Love this pleated perforated skirt, pleats are everywhere at the moment, particularly leather ones..find this one for €49.95 here.
Again a great chicwish midi skirt, find it here for €27.51.
Denim skirts particularly button down denim are featuring in every highstreet around at the moment, I particularly like this denim skirt (I know its not buttoned down but its still fab) for €18.66 find it here.
Love this Blogger Julia Hengel, find her skirt for €35.90 here
Love this complete look, and long skirts are making a come back ..this skirt is €27.65, find it here.
This is more a summer look, but pair it with a black turtle neck and its good for winter too! Find this skirt for €35.12 here.
Again another great skirt, love the subtle see through look, for €35.79 (comes in other colours) find it here
This black tulle skirt from Needle and Thread is beautiful, price is €152.08 but chicwish is doing a similar one for €55 (see below)
Chicwish skirt above for €46.85 available here
Love all the maxi tulle skirts so elegant find this one here for €54.67
This exact one you can buy here for €54.67
A girl definitely can never have enough skirts as far as I'm concerned, so go and embrace a/w by adding any of the skirts above to your collection....
Happy Thursday ladies