Monday, 23 May 2016

My style: Stripes are alright! Keep it simple!

Hey my lovelies, 
Yet another post on my style, my way..I have this secret obsession with stripes!! 
I can never get enough of them, but you know what? they are a must have for any wardrobe. Stripes in any type top or jumper are such a classic piece and never date! They look great with blazers, coats or paired with jeans. And their biggest advantage is they are so practical!
This one above, I had been lusting over for an age, and when in +Athlone Towncentre Shopping Centre , one day with my sister I spotted it back in stock. Its from Zara for €29.95, available here, I love the material, its a fine knit with a stretch in it and its so comfy.
The thing about this sweater that appealed to me most is the high neck on it. I'm not a huge fan of polo necks maybe because I don't have a long neck, so this type of style suits me better!
I know its coming into the Summer so the likelihood of getting lots of wear out of it in the next few months is slim, although it is Ireland and the Irish weather can be unpredictable. One things for sure, it will be pulled out of the wardrobe for autumn. 
The sunglasses are Guess, that I picked up in +TK Maxx, I swear by it girls, TK Maxx has a great selection of sunnies for fabulous prices, you just need to be quick! Those pair were €39.99!
A better look at the sweater, the back of it dips a little more in length than the front, which is a style I'm loving.
I paired the sweater with leather pants, and these ones I picked up in River Island a while back for €24 (I know!!) still some in stock but very little sizes (here) . If you are looking for a nice Leather pair then I would recommend the Freddy Leather pants (they are amazing and currently on my wishlist!)  available here.
The bag, no words needed really..this was bought as a gift from my brother on his travels a few years ago, he did good really didnt he? Its divine and one of my most coveted things in the wardrobe!

I kept the whole look casual by adding my adidas superstars, I love these, so comfy and great for casual wear...mind you not quiet sure how I kept them so white in this pic! You can find them here
I also gave this outfit a run for its money over in Paris too and was super for strolling around the pretty Parisian streets, casual yet stylish.

Hope you enjoyed this post
Until next time
Pam xx 

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Off the shoulder.. Summer styling

Happy Wednesday Guys!
I am a huge fan at the moment, of the "off the shoulder" look. From tops to dresses its the perfect piece for summer..There is some great ones out there and I love the simplicity of them its so easy to dress them up or down. So I've pulled a few looks together on how I would still mine...hope you like it!
Look 1..This is a great holiday look and with holiday season just around the corner, this is definitely a look you'll want in your bag! Top; €29,99 buy here, White Shorts: €25 here, Tan Bag €29.95 here, Head scarf €7.95 available here Tan sandals €19.95 available here.
Look 2...The thing about off the shoulder tops are they are great for a night out too not just for day wear, although they work for both! Floral Headbands too I'm lusting at the moment, love this one €11.27 available here Off the shoulder Top €16.90 here, Wrap around skirt reduced to €14 available here. Pair it with Flat sandals above for €14.99 here for a day time look or High heels from Zara €49.95 available here.
Look 3, Again the off the shoulder dresses are super, and the one above is a fab night time look, this is a denim material and looks amazing on. You can find it for €29.95 here, Beaded bag is gorgeous and perfect with the dress for €33 its available here, Adore these neutral heels will go with lots of other things in your wardrobe, available here
look 4...Still sticking to a night time look (date night/girls night) loving this, its so simple yet stylish! How amazing are those heels with the pop of mustard, love these and they are amazing in person such good quality, you can find them at Zara for €45.95 here, I've paired them with a leather pants but if you are looking to buy any type of leather pants then it should be the freddy pants ...amazing..they are pricey at €119 but in the grand scheme of things they are so so worth it, you can get them here. Off the shoulder top is €14.99 and available here. I love a pop of colour in a bag and this one is perfect you can grab this one from Zara for €19.95 right here.
Look 5 is another look for the summer or while your waiting on this sunny weather to arrive, why not get wear out of this by adding heels and having a night out!! Off the shoulder lace top from River Island €24.99 (Sold out online but available here) and in store, Khaki beige Shorts here €29.95. Tan flat heres from Zara €29.95 (Penneys have similar for €13) available here. As I said you can always pair this look with heels this pair above are available here
Look 6...Love this look its so simple and great for the summer...Denim off the shoulder top Zara €29.95 sold out online but available in store. White Jean from River Island available for €50 available here, Flat sandals are €22.99 and available here, tan sandals would be fab too or wedges! Heels are river Island and available here.
Look 7...Another easy laid back day time outfit and this off the shoulder top is fab available from New Look for €14.99 currently out of stock online but they are in stores spotted it today! Zara Jeans are €29.95 available in stores and online here, I would pair this look with flats or wedges...the flats are €9.99 from New Look here, Wedges €39.99 and available here
Look 8..Finally another two looks for summer (again weather permitting ha!) Top Left Red off the shoulder is from Boohoo for €14 available here comes in plus sizes too! White shorts are River Island €25 available here. Top right Off the shoulder top (my favourite I think) €31.55 available from Chicwish here. Shorts are HM €24.99 available here. Pair all of these looks with a pair of Adidas original or cons.

Just loving the off the shoulder pieces, They are a great summer time look and its staying around for a while! I love it for its wear ability and its a simple way to look fantastic.
Hope you liked the post and let me know your favourites?
Until next time my lovelies
Pam xx

Monday, 16 May 2016

My Style: Keeping it casual with addidas originals

Hi Girls
Now who doesn't love just throwing on a pair of trainers and keeping it casual.
With two little nippers I find myself reaching for flats on a daily basis. But wearing trainers doesn't have to look boring...Keeping things casual can look good too!
I love a nice jacket with trainers and jeans
This coat you have seen on my Instagram page so many times, yes I live in it but its so comfy.
I picked it up in Penneys a few months back and for €40 it was the best buy
So heres my current favourite Trainers..these are the addidas superstars..they are the comfiest pair and I love the gold on the addidas can purchase those here and here
I pair mine with crop jeans as it looks nicer! And Im such a shortie so crop always helps 
I've paired my trainers with Blue Denim Cropped Jeans from Stradivarius €19.95 here and Lace Bomber again Stradivarius €19.95 available here.
The top of the bomber is almost see through and nice and light so perfect for Summer. The chain which isnt as clear in this pic is from My shining Armour and available here, I love it as its so delicate.
The watch is Guess bought from Fields and I adore this Stella & Dot bracelet I bought from Leona here, the colours are perfect for the summer.
And finally I am having a strange obsession with Headbands lately...they are so handy if you just want to throw up your hair, when you're in a rush but still want it to look pretty..loving them!! This one above was a bargain from HM for €5.95,

So don't be shy about purchasing Trainers girls, as they are so easy to dress up and can look chic.
Hope you like my style and do tell me what's your favourite trainer? 
Had so much fun doing this shoot with the lovely @thetwodarlings and @leanmeanmomma, who are quiet the photographers!

Until next time my lovelies
Have a great week