Thursday, 20 November 2014

"Off the rails"...A lovely boutique with lovely prices xx

So I came across this lovely boutique when my sister sent me an invite to like their facebook page.
I don't know about you girls but I sometimes find with all the boutique pages on facebook, the stock can be very similar if not the same. I find it gets a bit boring seeing the same dress or same top in each store, you start to feel there is no uniqueness in what their when I find a boutique that's doing something a little different I'm always that more intrigued & all know I'm a lover of White fawn boutique and Off the Rails is definitely another one of my favourites.
The boutique is based on the main street in Mitchelstown and its very chic and girlie.
The stock is different, you wont see the same thing in another boutique plus it has great prices, really reasonable, which is always a plus for me.
Even the décor feels suave and very classy, the girls are just lovely to deal with, they're friendly, helpful and give honest advise! I've dealt with Rosemary (the owner who is just a sweetheart) and Lorraine who couldn't do enough for you.
Loving the décor and layout...
The store is stocked with dressy tops, dresses, skirts, jumpers, fab flattering rant & rave jeans and lots of other treats!
Above picture of the Rant and Rave Jeans (which give you the flattering shape ranging from €60 upwards, very good value)
Here's just a snippet of what the girls have in store.
Dress €28 (I know unbelievable price right?)
Top €34.95 and Skirt €29.99 (in love with this skirt :-) )
Top €24.95 Tartan pencil skirt €24.95
Top €44.95 Leather Skirt €50
Top €44.95 Leather Skirt €60

Contact the store for pricing phone 02585697
Dress €49.95
Playsuit €34.95
Top €44.95 and Skirt €39.95
Jumper with embellishment €45
Souble Check with the girls on pricing for this skirt and top (02585697)

Fabulous Coats for the Winter at €85

As I mentioned the lovely Rosemary is the owner of the boutique but not only that but she's a remarkable illustrator, check out this piece she done for a lady, of her wedding dress, isn't this just beautiful and unique?

So go on girls go have a look at their facebook page, I promise you, it wont disappoint, and Off the Rails cant do enough to help, the store even takes deposits as little as €10 which is a bonus at this time of the year when your trying to get your Christmas wardrobe sorted!