Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Oh my Dubai..Part 1

Well where do I start, so normally my better half gets sent away with work and sometimes only sometimes I'm lucky enough to go with him. On this occasion, he was heading back to Dubai so luckily timing was right and I managed to go with him..
Dubai, well what can I say girls, it was definitely an experience, I loved it....it was hot, full of shopping malls surrounded with large skyscrapers, I'll be honest ladies, even though it was an experience and I enjoyed it, I wouldn't go rushing back.. you might be surprised ..but I found it was a little on the artificial side.Don't get me wrong I loved it, it was amazing to see, but it didn't pull on the heart strings like New York has always done for me, or other places I've been too but that's just my opinion!
It's a thriving city that's for sure, and if you're going to visit there, be sure you have plenty of cash! Cash is king in Dubai as things are pretty expensive, restaurants, bars, not to mention shopping.
None the less girls I had an amazing time, and maybe the fact I had the hubby all to myself made it an even better experience.( we don't get that too often with the babies)
So here's a peek at what I got up to, where I stayed, ate and the views, and my word those views, I have to say they were amazing!!!
A peep out the window of our hotel room, we stayed in the Sheraton Dubai, as we were bound to recommendation from my hubbies work..lovely hotel, and fantastic views.
Not too shabby lovely comfy beds..
The bathroom was divine and don't be fooled by the bath tub it was massive!
More views of the room, lovely and spacious 
The terrace where we sat at night and had some bevies, and shisha 's(hookah)..when in Rome and all that 😃
A glimpse of Our reception area, the architecture was amazing..
A side view from our hotel room, the space below was the Mall of the Emirates, so basically the hotel was linked to this mall, a dangerous position to put me in!!!!
Our view of the city from the hotel terrace and pool area 
Late night posing from the hotel terrace,that view though!
Day one we strolled down to the Dubai marina, one thing's for sure these buildings are pretty impressive and the walk down the promenade is lovely. 
Yes me posing at the Dubai marina, I'm good at that!
We pottered around the marina all day and onto the beach which was super, how bad having basking heat of 40 degrees in the month of February ...unfortunately I only had a few days so didn't really want to spend it on the beach...nope for me, I wanted to see as much of the city as I could.
That evening we headed for the atmosphere bar in the burj khalifa, girls this place was out of this world. It was most definitely the highlight of the trip, above is the entrance to the restaurant, to get there you enter the Armani hotel, designed by  none other than the man himself Giorgio Armani, even that in itself was very impressive, a very chic hotel. We took a lift to the Atmosphere bar on 123rd floor!! So you can imagine the views were unreal!
Entrance to the restaurant, Even the views here were amazing.
This was the actual view from our dinner table, magical!
And another view from our table, these pics were taking on my phone!
The view as the sun went down
Our nighttime view...like something out of a magazine 

Myself and the boy 😘 at our dinner table, the food was great but not very pocket friendly. A splurge for sure but with those views it was so worth it!
The interior in the bar with its intricate detail.
The views all along this walkway inside the bar and restaurant were amazing.
A great ambience in the bar/restaurant area, nice and relaxed vibes.
Even the ladies toilets had one hell of a view (check it out above!)
One of the most memorable experiences I will ever have, prices are expensive, but you know what, it was well and truly worth it for the views and ambience, doesn't come better than that.
Outside the burj khalifa, one of the tallest man made buildings in the world. 
The structures inside the buildings in Dubai were the most impressive, this ones from the mall of Dubai, a waterfall which runs the height of the mall (all four levels) and is donned with art sculptures of human divers made of fibre glass, used to create a dynamic visual spectrum that compliments the flow of water, and yes it was breathtaking.
The souks inside the mall of Dubai above and below...
Love these little corridors around the souk area, although I'm sure not the same as experiencing a traditional souk.
The Aquarium at Dubai mall, where you could walk threw the tunnel and go diving, it was pretty amazing, an rightly so for one of the largest tanks in the world!
Next up dinner in the Madinet Jumeirah complex which was beautiful, the surroundings were superb in the complex, like an Arabian theme. Check out my backdrop above and below...
Again all around the waterfront is restaurants and bars and most famous nightclub pacha!
The ceilings and roofing in the complex were beautiful...this doesn't do it justice!
Below is a better pic 
Shops adorned the complex too ...mainly smaller more specific shops and jewellers..
First up was the Belgian bar cafe, we stopped here as they were showing the rugby 😃
And our final port of call, Perry and black welders steakhouse, which was delicious and good fun.
View of the restaurant from one side of the souk.
Above was the mall of Emirates which was connected to my hotel, yes it was dangerous but the mall itself was spectacular inside, the structure was amazing...see above and below
This was only one side of the mall building, it was gigantic!
This dome was spectacular...
Some of the corridors adorned with designer stores...
Designer stores on one floor and high street stores on the ground floors...incredible 
Not only that but below is the skiing area in the mall, the pic below was a view from our dinner table one of the days we ate in the mall..looked like great fun!
And finally below, me in my happy place haha ...doing what I do best!
And with that ladies I'll leave you with part one of my trip to Dubai next post will be showing you the shops of Mall of Emirates and their window displays...plus what I wore...trust me when I say, there was more window shopping than actual shopping done on my end 😄
Hope you enjoyed reading about my experience ..until next time xxx