Friday, 17 April 2015

London town

I wont bore you to tears about my flying visit to London, I'll try and make this post short and snappy,  so you're still awake by the end of this..long story,hubbie bought me a Christmas present which was an overnight ticket to London, including the hotel below..the main purpose of the trip was to see Alexander McQueen; Savage Beauty...Which was AAMAZZING!!
Little sis decided to tag along too which made it even sweeter ..shes a little crazy and very funny so she definitely made the trip entertaining as if we didn't need more entertaining! We caught up with our two lovely friends who currently live in London and here's what we got up to!
For those of you unfamiliar with staying in London, we stayed in Kensington which is West London...luckily for me I'm all too familiar with this area as My brother in law lives here so we're over quiet a lot. We stayed in the Indigo Hotel in Kensington (across from the Earls Court tube stop) handy location and a quirky little hotel (hubbie is a whizz at finding funky hotels!) here's all the details on it  Indigo Hotel Kensington
Snazzy reception, dining bar area...
Our rather unusually spacious room..quiet unheard of in London!

We only had a overnight in London, a little dishevelled from our early flight of 7.20am we still managed to high tail it across to Kensington highstreet, where little sis announced she'd never been to see Kensington Gardens...I frog marched her that way..(with a "short" hour long pit stop at TK MAXX ) Because of this, we managed to make it perfect timing to reach Kensington gardens to discover Kate was leaving the building, yes we caught a glimpse of the yummy mummy!!!
The lovely Kensington gardens...Kates hand :-)) and moi taking the obligatory pic of a London phone booth!
After all the excitement of Kensington we hopped over to Dover Street, passing the Lovely Ritz just down the road from here...Dover street you ask?? Well I did need to see my favourite style icon's store! Along the way we spotted the fabulous and well known Clarence which had very,very well dressed clientele queuing out the door! And very apt that Alexandra McQueen was on the same Street of Mrs VB!
All Hail Victoria Beckhams first I was terrified to go in..but as I stood to take a photo the big grey door embarrassingly opened across and I was facing the Security Guard.
Girls this shop is not in the least bit intimidating, the lady was true to her word and they have the friendliest,nicest staff .The building and the interior is extremely impressive..this lady is a woman who definitely has a vision...we were not permitted to take photos of the interior but only of the beautiful flower structure by Andy Hillman that she had commissioned and on display...see pics above!
After a quick change we headed to my favourite place to go when in London...The Victoria and Albert museum...we were a little early for the exhibition so we pottered around the fashion section...well worth a visit..along with the rest of the museum..see pics above and below
Fashion through the centauries...particularly loving the ballgown on the bottom how on earth would you manoeuvre that?? Its like a work out! 
And finally the whole reason for my trip "Alexander McQueen"...girls, myself and my friends were blown away by this was dark, dramatic..sadistic in some cases, deep and indeed Savage!! His last two pieces really showed how dark he had become...darkness that brought an extraordinary genius out in his work..we spent an hour and a half in the exhibit, we could have spent longer..the details in the materials ..the hidden designs/messages were remarkable! My two highlights were one particular room which was covered floor to ceiling on each wall of the room, displaying beautiful pieces of his design from different catwalks throughout the years...along with Philip Treacy's Hats, we literally didn't know where to look. It had seating in the middle where you sat and your eyes could focus on everything around you...the final piece was of the hologram of Kate Moss and the dress she wore...we stepped into a dark room where they had recreated the exact hologram that was shown on the catwalk of Kate Moss ...girls have a look took my breathe was beautiful!
Unfortunately we weren't allowed take pics inside the exhibition and I can understand why, anamazing exhibit of one of the most talented, creative Designers of our time, who allowed us a glimpse into his mind through his clothing ...a must see if your in London before August can be bought here

After that we decided we definitely needed a drink hehe so off to the troubadour, which is on Old Brompton Road, Earls Court (a haunt for Prince Harry! No sign though) We had a quick one there before heading for a bite to eat in an Italian two doors down from the bar...there's Lots of fab restaurants and Bars around this area.
Next day being a Saturday there was only one thing to do ..hit Portobello Markets...two stops on the tube and we were pottering down this pretty street ..there is some fabulous secondhand designer stores around there too where you can pick up some gorgeous Christian Louboutin/Chanel/Prada...hardly worn shoes..clothes etc..its called Retro Clothing..go with loads of cash as you'll want sister picked up some Stella McCartney for a mere £40 with tags still on..we had to be dragged out of there!
Good Old Portobello Road...
Some of the many goods on offer at Portobello Market..

So apart from that we did a little bit of this below.....
and a lot of below......with loads of giggles, tom foolery and a mere mishap with a dress...say no more!
And of course...what I wore which wasn't anything too crazy as I find when in London pottering around you'll do a lot of walking, grabbing tubes,so flats are necessary. Londoners are more trendy casual than getting too dressing up well around Kensington I anyway so I kept it dressy bringing a carry on doesn't leave much room to pack too much ;-)
Oh and we were trying to do this's  free (the sky gardens that is) you need to book your time in advance, but unfortunately for us, there was no free times that suited...if you're going to london, this is one way off catching the gorgeous view, over a glass of bubbly details Here..until next time london .....

(Pics complimentary from hubbie who checked it out for me this week while over with work!)

Hope you enjoyed this post ladies...have a great weekend and ill be back with more clothing posts next week xxxx

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