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Stella & dot collection

Stella and what can I say?? Last Friday I had an opportunity to go view the Stella and Dot collection. I will be honest, I always admired the collection but was dubious about the pricing, as I found it could be quiet expensive, that being said, I had never viewed the collection in person, only online. I never realised the detail that's in their jewellery, not to mention the thought that has gone into each piece.
As I popped into the lovely Leona's for a view and some yummy coffee we oowed and awwwed over every piece (well me mostly)..check out her facebook page here. I mentioned to Leona about the pricing and as she explained and demonstrated each piece, I completely understood why it was priced a little more expensive on some pieces, as these are so versatile, and indeed it was priced correctly for what you were getting. 
Every necklace has unexpected touches and surprises, all if not most can be made to be worn in not one, but a minimum of 3 or even up to 7 ways in some styles, you were getting many necklaces, as opposed to one. Oh and did I mention some were reversible? very clever!
These are the most Multi tasking necklaces I've ever come across, now who doesn't love that?
It was the same story for their beautiful earrings, you had one earring set which could be worn four different ways, where else can you get that???
The quality of each piece was top end, they are beautiful, and I've never seen such versatility in jewellery pieces.
I was definitely sold on every piece, heck I want the whole collection!!! So let me show you a few pieces and demonstrate how some of these pieces work...
Leona had everything displayed beautifully...
A sample of the neckpieces....the third piece can be worn 4 different ways, allow me to show you below!
More beautiful pieces ...and these photos do not do them justice!
Necklaces and pieces that would make any outfit pop!
Can I please reiterate again the brilliance of the quality and detail that's gone into these design
Top left are my two favourite pieces and currently on my wishlist!
All this collection is edgy and this blue gemstone piece above is reversible, offering a completely different looking necklace.
Love these hand cut stones and that colour amazing!
Most definitely a beautiful piece the Belle Necklace is 18 and 1/2 " with a 3" extender and is €89, its amazing on.
Another fantastic piece, lila necklace €69
The marina necklace (which can be worn in reverse) €89
Small Statement necklace known as the Lynx Pearl necklace, this is an edgy piece, love it on and its priced at €69
Loved this piece, wear it casual or dress it up, and also a 2 in 1 neckpiece, priced at €89 but remember ladies ..a 2 in 1 piece!
love this vibrant statement piece, the coral cay necklace reduced to €68.60
One of my favourites which works for its money, this three in one piece the Zuni layering necklace is €98, but worth it considering what you're getting!
Another wow piece, the eclipse pendant necklace, another 2 in 1 and priced at €79
The wanderer necklace is beautiful and vibrant and is priced at €39 which won't break the bank
Adore these Reverie Chandeliers, no words needed, priced at €39.
This Chiara embroidered bracelet, I was completely drawn to it, beautiful on and adjusts to fit any wrist priced at €49
Loved these dainty bracelets, delicate but very well made and beautiful vibrant colours running through them..the voyager arrow cuff is €29
Continuing on from the cuff above, it's match the voyager anchor €29, these are ideal birthday gifts, or for any kind of gift, every girl should have one! Heck just treat yourself
These colours, how amazing are they? Brighten up any outfit..the Colour block cuff comes in Blush or citron (as above pic) and are priced at €24 ...fantastic value!
Another one of my favourites, the wanderer cuff (seen above paired with the voyager cuff) priced at €34...
The beauty about all these cuffs is you can stack them up or wear them individually.
My favourite the inspiration bangle, comes in Rose gold as above (its engraved message is always, and on the inside an engraved "be you") also comes in Silver (engraved Blessed) and gold (Love)
A girl can never have enough cuffs, the grace cuff priced at €59 (another for my wish list), the detail and the shine on this bracelet is fabulous..was drawn to it immediately. Loved it!
This cady wrap bracelet is all kinds of yummy priced at €59.
Oh and not to mention these rings below, just wow!
The Rivera Ring is €39 and was featured in Good Housekeeping magazine!
In love with Claudia, my current girl crush, the Claudia stackable bands (set of 3) is €49..fab!
Come to mama, this clutch "the city slim" is all kinds of Amazing..comes as a collection too, and is priced at € should see the detailed design on the inside...lots of oooowing on this one from both myself and Leona..damn why didn't I take a pic of it...
Who doesn't love a pop of colour to brightened an outfit, this capri pooch has it all priced at €36 (great value!) and the quality is superb!
The Shape shifter ..check out pics below, a three in one bag and because of its versatility its priced at €98.
Below some snapshots...
Stella and Dot is all about detail, and surprise. Every piece has a uniqueness to it..see pics below...
Look at that detail in the Inspirational bracelet above...amazing this had to be mine, I love it. My first piece from Stella and Dot!!!
How cool is this shape shifter...fold-over, clutch to cross that's one savvy bag!
The Freya Fringe show above worn five different ways. Now that's making a piece work for its money priced at €118..price per wear completely covered!
The Sutton necklace (in mixed metals above, comes in silver and gold too) can be worn in five different ways. This is just a sample of them above priced at €138, but the quality is unreal.
The "Fortuna Stone pendant" necklace two necklaces can be worn together or separate and have a 3" extender..priced at €79 its great value.
Devon layering necklace (available in gold) priced at €49.
The Sanibel Necklace..its the same necklace in all pictures, just with the stone turned..above left is the extension which allows you to change it around length wise..priced at €79
Oh yes my favourite piece, the Sahara pendant necklace..priced at €49, its so delicate, I completely fell in love, yes I need this to match the outfit I'm wearing, goes perfect don't you think!
The three in one Isa Disc necklace..beautiful colours, priced at €118..just fab!
These earrings are beautiful, can be worn four ways, the studs on their own or as above..this set is €49..Stella and Dot have some amazing earrings, unfortunately these were the only ones on display but check out the catalogue and Leona s page online here to see what other fabulous earrings are available, their current collection is to die for and very reasonable priced!

Stella and Dot are huge advocates on holding trunk shows, I can see and understand why, these pieces are so versatile, have some many intriguing details, that you couldn't possibly know this, only by going to view their collection, I for one have been converted, these pieces are unique and very special...Leona is a superb stylist and she can guide you on the many ways to style and wear these products..for more details check out her webpage, I could only showcase a few pieces here, but there is an enormous amount in their collection, all more fabulous than each go on girls what are you waiting for contact Leona on 086 4191850 or here to arrange a host night (any excuse for a girlie night with your pals) or order here
Happy Shopping ladies...have a super weekend xxx

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