Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Party dresses...Part 1 of Party Season

A little party never killed nobody....unless you've got kids and a major hangover the next morning...or even if you don't have kids, and have a hangover the next morning..its hell! ha!. I honestly think hangovers are gods way of asking you, just how old do you think you are?..Well that's me in this case!! But hey you've made good memories right???The moment you hear about a party, its like "what the hell am I going to wear?"...and especially with the season that's coming up...fear not, its time to sparkle ladies and I've pulled out lots of looks for you. Hope you like ..and what's your favourite...
I am in love with this swishing in dresses haha and this is perfect for this sort of activities, no doubt I do lots of swishing at parties..say hello to this virgo lounge dress Will become available in the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled. New look shoes €29.99 available in store and here. Embellished Clutch €24.99 available in stores and here.
Embellished Dress Oasis €150, available in store and online here, Kardashion Kollection Gold heels €70 available here
Oasis Dress €88 available instore and online here, River Island Heels reduced to €30, available here, Dune Gold clutch €56.62, available here
Oasis dress €62, girls this is divine on...Black Clutch New Look €24.99, here  Black pointed heels €29.99 here 
Frock and Frill dress €110 available here, heels new look as above, embellished bag €20 available from Boohoo here
Frock and Frill Dress €99.27 available here, New look heels €44.99 available in store and here, Nude Clutch €41.18 available here
Warehouse dress €75 available in store and online here Clutch Lipsy £55, available here, Shoes new look €24.99 and penneys have similar for €15.
Sequin Dress from Asos €95.55, New look heels as before €44.95, Fold over clutch €41.18, available from Asos here.
Chi Chi Clothing sequin dress €88.48 available here, Clutch from Lipsy £30, available here, Love these Red Heels, €29.99 available here.

So that's Part 1 of the Party dresses, I'll be back with more alternative options next week...
And for sure this will be me below, in a few weeks time!!
Have a great week and an even better weekend...
Pam xxx 

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