Thursday, 21 January 2016

Dungarees... And not for 5 year olds

 Now hear me out on this post ...Dungarees are having their moment, this season. And I was a bit unsure at first....I had visions of a 30 plus something (me) dressed like a 5 year old or more like my own 4 year old!!!..nd this is certainly "not"a look I'm aiming for! When I spotted some black dungarees in New look last week, and These been sported around the streets of London by some extremely stylish ladies, I actually started to think, yes maybe these could work...with a little research and viewing some street styles, I can safely say, yes I'm sold..these black Dungarees look good!! I have come to the realisation, that in order to pull this look off you'll need all of the following; a kickass pair of high heels, narrow shaped leg style dungarees, great accessories and most importantly cover up!!
Have a peak of some of my favourites from other bloggers around...
( Pinterest Image Skinny Tea house) 
(Image: South Molton Street Style on Pinterest) 
(Image Pop Sugar Pinterest -Alexa Chung) 
(Image Pinterest
(Image Pinterest @Atlantic - Pacific)
Add some variation to the look with an unusual blouse..and a statement bag ...this look is from Pinterest by @andrreac
With Black Dungarees you can do dressy or casual, this '90's look ' is a bit more on the dressy side this season, and heels really make it. For this first look I've given both options...
Left to right: Green Checked Shirt €19.95 Zara here, New Look Dungarees €34.99 here, Black Converse €54 available here. River Island heels €95 here but Penneys have similar for €21. Military style Khaki Shirt Zara €39.95 available here.
Dungarees Topshop €65 available here, Red Check shirt Zara €39.95 available here, New Look heels €21 available in store. Betty & Biddy Necklace €28 available here.  
Still sticking with semi Casual looks ..River Island Black Dungarees €60 available  here, Striped top Zara €17.95 available here, White Converse €39.59 available here, J.Crew Top €65 from Net a porter available here. Zara heels €37.
Going for a chic, monochrome look, Black Leather Dungarees  Topshop €76, available here, Top left Bow Tie white shite €14 available here. River Island Tie up Tasselled Flats €37 available here, Bottom left Mango Tie shirt €84.49 available here. Middle Right : Zara Burgundy Tote €29.95 available here. New Look Heels €32.99 available here.
Again another dressy monochrome look..white blouses look great with the black dungarees, accessories too! Same Dungarees as before from New look. Top left to right White Button Through blouse from Mango €49.28 available here, Top right Lace sleeve blouse Asos €49.29 available here. Middle Left Shirt with embellished collar €50 available from River Island here, Grey tote handbag from River Island €45 available here. Rose gold watch from River Island €43 available here. Bottom Left: Loafers €29.99 from New Look available here. Bottom Right Fringed Stiletto heels River Island €77 available here.
Got to have a little leopard print somewhere in the look haha...Dungarees from New Look before, New look leopard print shoulder bag €14.99 available here, River Island Leopard print heels €77 available here, Asos sheer high neck top €39.44 available here, Bottom Right Scarf Neck Blouse €42.25 available here 
Again River Island Dungarees as before. Top left to right  New Look stripe shirt €24.99 available here, River Island printed shirt €50 available here, Middle left to right Zara rigit Tote €39.95 available here, River Island Satchel Handbag €33 available here.  Bottom left to right:New Look Red heels €27.99 available here. Nude heels Little woods €24 available here.

And ladies if its good enough for Olivia Palermo then its good enough for me ;-)