Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Bada bling!!

I'm not sure about you but I love my earrings and especially costume jewellery, i really think accessorises can truely finish off an outfit. When i really appreciated this was when i was pregnant and girls when you are pregnant "accessories are your best friend!" Anyhow my little find came about when I needed some magical earrings to finish off a dress I purchased. I spied some fab earrings from a shop called 'ballerina' by the ivory closet in limerick( they rent super dresses by the way but I'll write about that another time) low and behold I got no reply to earrings uploaded on their Facebook page and fed up of not getting any reply from emails phone messages, Facebook message (stalkerish I know but girls needs must :-) and I was on a mission!)they're busy gals I get it :-) ....well at my wits end, I amazon'd it and girls I'm telling you get on it!! not only did I come across the fab hot pink earrings I was looking for but at a way cheaper price (€25 euro cheaper for the exact same pair!) so I'm going to share it with all you girls out there, if your looking for some knockout pieces but a better price than what you d pay for your boutiques here in Ireland then get on to and look up either "body bling" or W.A.T both deliver to Ireland and earrings vary from £9 -14.99 sterling to more expensive ones at £33 here's some pieces below that are all around £14.99 now who can argue with that!