Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The body shop ..and threading

Hey ladies,
So Saturday I had the pleasure of trying out threading at the Body Shop on Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork City, perfect location for a spot of shopping afterwards.
I don't know about you but I wasn't aware that the Body Shop had started a threading or tinting service. And what a service girls, they are fantastic. Check out all they offer in the pic below...
On entering the store I was greeted by Carmen, who was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable when it comes to all the body shop products ..more on that in a minute..
She introduced me to Rabia, who has been threading for years, she informed me, this was the natural way to shape eyebrows in Pakistan. The beauty about threading is it doesn't pull or damage your skin like waxing does. Its the natural way to do it, leaving no redness, which is an added bonus, no one likes angry looking eyebrows when coming out of a salon.
Rabia directed me into a section off the shop floor and it was very private. I didn't have tinting done as my brows are dark enough, however if you are getting tinting done be sure to get a test with the body shop, before using this service, the body shop will do this for you 48hrs in advance of your treatment.
The private section where threading is done, such a comfy chair!
(Above, myself during the process of threading with Rabia.)
As a first time girl to experience threading, I have to say it wasn't painful, it was more like a light pinching, but nothing sore, you would not be jumping out of your chair, and it was very quick.
There was absolutely no redness when the job was completed. Rabia was excellent at recommending what shape eyebrows would suit my face and it was nice to be consulted while treading my brow. Rabia recommended just a tidy of my brows as they had a good shape.

After getting my treatment, I couldn't help but check out all the beautiful products. I love the body shop, always have done, and myself and Carmen spoke at length about some of the products they just cannot keep enough stock of.
Gorgeous products on display
The product displays were so seductive.
Aisles of some of my favourite productst
Love the makeup range
This one is my current favourite at the moment, I picked this up, well over a month ago and I haven't left it down since, the moisturizer is fabulous on my skin, and smells gorgeous. I had some dry patches on my forehead and it completely cleared it up when nothing else would, so I would highly recommend it. Carmen couldn't speak highly enough of it either, and its currently one of their best sellers.
This little beauty is the holy grail of products at the moment and the body shop is almost sold out of this one. They cant keep it in stock its that popular. Carmen kindly gave me a sample of this and I cant wait to try it out.
Every girl needs hand cream, loving these.
Also a hot product at the moment is the virgin mojito range, I was dying to pick up some of these products. They are just gorgeous and smell yummy..
Picked this beauty up before I left and love it.

Getting back to the threading girls, the service was amazing and very professional, since having my eyebrows done I have received loads of compliments, with lots asking where I had them done. Rabia was fantastic, it wasn't at all painful and it gave me a beautiful shape. There was no redness or pulled skin and I most certainly will be using the body shop anymore for any of my brow shaping in the future.
Have you tried it yet? If haven't girl you really need to get in there and try it, you can book here by phoning 021 4274826 or here for bookings nationwide.
Pam xxx